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Hi, I’m Roseanna.

I'm a working wife & mom, filled to the brim with wanderlust, always searching for the best family adventures!

"In our disconnected and busy world, I believe  travel has a unique way of  connecting families through shared memories."   

I may be a born and raised Southern gal, but I enjoy exploring this great, big world God created. I've been lucky enough to travel to 17 countries and each place has helped to broaden my understanding of the amazing people and places in the world.

That's why my husband, Kasey, and I make family travel a priority while our daughter, Rayna, is still young (& still thinks we are cool!)

Our home hub is Georgia so we are conveniently positioned to be at the beach, Walt Disney World or the mountains in just a few short hours.  We cover family friendly  destinations in the Southeast U.S. but also like to trek a little farther when we travel cruise style or want to redeem some frequent flyer miles! 

Follow our adventures!

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We might be a small family of three, but we have big adventures!  It is my hope that you will find inspiration, tips

(and some occasional discounts!) from our travels.  I encourage you to make those memories while the kiddos are still at home!

Happy travels! 

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