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Summer Bucket List: Intentionally Making Memories

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

The last couple of summers our family has taken up the tradition of letting our daughter create a summer bucket list- a compilation of things she would like to do, see or try over summer break. This list has allowed us to be so much more intentional during the summer season even when it can get busy and seem to fly by.

Rayna has included some easy, attainable wishes (catch frogs, pick blackberries, make homemade ice cream) while also requesting the undeliverable (last year she wanted to meet a "RKPU"- Rainbow Kitty Pegasus Unicorn.) Regardless of the requests, we do our best to make it a reality.

Because the reality to me is that I have just a few short summers to build these memories.

So since this little list has become so important for helping to inspire our summers, I decided to get fancy this year and actually create one on my computer after friends were intrigued by the hand drawn one on our fridge.

For those looking for inspiration, I made one list that has over 25 suggestions and kids can pick their favorite ones to try. (Kudos to those families who can accomplish them all!) I even included the satisfaction of creating checked boxes your child can tick off as an activity is completed. Download the Summer Bucket List PDF HERE.

Rayna likes to create her list from scratch each year so I also made one with blanks so kids can get creative and personalize their list for a perfect summer. Download the BLANK Summer Bucket List PDF HERE.

Hopefully this August, when parents all ask "Where did the summer go?", we can say "Oh yeah, it was spent playing in the sprinkler, watching fireworks and discovering new things."

Because we were intentional.

Because we know that each summer has the potential to make sweet memories.

What a wonderful privilege we have as parents to create summers for our kids that can be fondly recollected and, one day, maybe even inspire them as they spend summers with their own children one day.

<<Share your favorite things to do as a family over summer break in the comments below!>>


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